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Is Solar Battery Storage The Next Big Trend in Renewable Energy?

Generating your own solar electricity during the dark and chilly winter days is not something easy. But this is about to change as the growing trend of connecting solar panels to a home battery suggests. You can’t generate enough energy when there is no sufficient sunshine but you can store the electricity generated for later use. There are steps taken by many solar panel suppliers which suggest solar battery storage might be the next big trend in renewable energy.


Big technology companies like Tesla, Nissan, Ikea, and EDF energy have already engaged in solar battery idea. Tesla and Nissan for instance, have both launched home battery with a very slim design. Ikea, on the other hand, has a solar and storage package which they claim saves up to 70% of annual electricity bill for an average household. 70% is significantly big and this could definitely make the solar battery a big thing in the near future.


Tesla’s home energy storage allows solar panel owners to store electricity and use it at a time it suits you best. One of the best-known models is Powerwall that powers Tesla cars sold at around £5,900. You can link this battery to the Tesla app which enables you to view how much electricity is stored, as well as the solar power generation. According to Tesla, the highly advanced battery is ‘maintenance free’ and makes ‘almost no noise’.


Nissan, fellow car manufacturer launched xStorage that reuses Nissan’s electric vehicle batteries to store energy at home. The company claim this is the most reliable and affordable home energy storage solution on the market. This also could change the way people use solar energy. It is enabling them to store renewable energy for later use which is a big thing.


Varta which over the past 130 years has been making batteries is currently making home batteries the size of a washing machine. These too could be an option for those looking to store solar energy. IKEA is now selling batteries made by Solarcentury and reports that these batteries are designed to be installed alongside solar panel systems. Saving solar energy through the battery makes it possible for one to have electricity to use at a later time. This is what is making it possible for people who have installed solar panels and batteries to save up to 70% of electricity bill annually.


There are many efforts by solar panel suppliers to make solar battery storage a big trend within the renewable energy industry. EDF Energy recently began promoting solar panel installation with a Tesla Powerwall battery. Together with a third party, The Phoenix Works, they’re installing the systems. EDF says these will reduce its customers’ energy bills.


Elon, on the other hand, is providing solar panels with LG batteries. These come with a solar calculator and Solar manager app to estimate how much you could save and the electricity generated and stored.

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