Pet Emergency Plan

How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Pets

As an old saying goes that one must hope for the best and prepare for the worst, it holds true for you and your pets. Although it is hard or rather impossible to prepare for every disaster that is probably going to occur but having a disaster plan in advance can make the task of managing the situation easier for both you and your pet.


Vets at pet hospital Virginia Beach recommends that including pets in disaster evacuation plan can significantly lessen the danger on pets, their owners and first responders. Even if you have prepared a haven at home for your pets, leaving them behind during any disaster can be hazardous for them. As a pet owner, you are responsible for their precious life. Always include your pets in the disaster management plan in order to ensure their safety. While planning an evacuation plan, find out what type of animal shelter and assistance is available in your locality where you can take your pet.


One should always be prepared for the unexpected and here is how you can prepare an evacuation plan for your pets efficiently.

  • Ensure that the contact information on your pet’s tag and the collar is up-to-date.
  • Microchip your pet- micro-chipping your pet is the easiest way to get reunited with your pet in case they get lost during the disaster. The microchip must be registered with the manufacturing company with updated contact information.
  • If you have more than one pet, buy one carrier for each pet. The carrier should have the name of the pet, your contact details mentioned on it.
  • To make the evacuation process stress-free for you and your pet, try making your pet familiar with transport crate. Start by taking them on a ride in their carriers.
  • Always keep the leash or carrier near the exit.
  • If you are evacuating your pet in a car, ensure that it has necessary equipment like pet seatbelts, harness, and carrier in place.
  • It is essential to figure out in advance where you and your pet would stay during the disaster. Your options for sheltering your pet depend upon the severity of the disaster.
  • You might have to choose between sheltering your pets at home or sheltering them in a facility.


If you choose to shelter them at home then:

  • Ensure the room you have chosen is pet-friendly.
  • Choose a room with a few or no windows.
  • Make sure to remove any harmful plants and chemical from that room.
  • Make no room for pets to get stuck in tight spaces when they get scared.


How to take shelter for your pets during an evacuation:

  • Enquire your local emergency management officials about accommodation for you and your pet. It is best to contact VA Beach vet hospital or boarding houses to accommodate your pets during the calamity.
  • If you have friends or family living outside the vicinity of disaster, contact them for help.
  • It is always advisable to check-in a pet-friendly motel or hotel that falls on your evacuation route.
  • Prepare a plan where you and your pet can stay while the situation eases. Not all human shelter allows animals unless they are in service. Find out hotels and VA Beach vet hospital where you can keep your pets.
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