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Boston Delivery Driver Stole Over £3000 of Food from Employer

This story broke and shocked many people. A delivery man who was employed to deliver people’s food was accused of diverting £3000 worth of food. People around Boston asked the question of what must have prompted him to do so.


The case was brought to court, The Boston Magistrate Court. In court, Marek Cezary, 54, of Witham Street, who was the accused, admitted to stealing the food when he was brought in the courtroom. The prosecutor was Emma Wright of the Taste of Poland Food Company located in Nursery Road. As usual, in all cases, the court hears both parties. Marek Cezary pleaded guilty already. Emma Wright, the prosecutor explained that the company has been receiving several reports of food shortages The customers often complained that deliveries were short of what they paid for and were expecting.


And as such, they complained. This took a huge toll on the company as they were worried because they always satisfy clients demands. The shortage of food supply to the clients happened between April and November this year. Emma Wright stated that after much thought, the company suspected Mol, who was the driver. This was a reasonable suspicion because the food company always brands itself as one which always delivers appropriately and indeed it does. So if the company sends out the right amount of food, how does it become short before it gets to the homes of the clients. So they had every reason to reasonably suspect the driver, Marek Cezary, Mol, of tampering with fresh and frozen delivery runs.


Speaking on the suspicion, Emma Wright stated that the company’s delivery trucks had trackers and when the reports came up, after much thought they decided to examine the trackers in order to give an insight of what happened on the road. When they checked the trackers, they say that Mol had done some things much different from the other drivers and it raised suspicion. They found out that Marek Cezary, the driver in question made several frequent unexpected stops at certain places he wasn’t supposed to. He also used more fuel to complete deliveries, unlike the other drivers.


She said that on November 8, Mol made an unscheduled stop and by the side was his own car. In his car, they found food along with 20 liters container of diesel. Ms. Wright stated that after seeing this, they approached him and he admitted to the charge where he said, “I’ll work to weeks for free if you don’t call the police, it’s the first time I have done this.” The police were however informed and on carrying out their own investigation, they found a substantial amount of food in Mol’s house which he had stolen from his employer.


Particularly, the court was told that he has admitted to stealing 183 meat products and 180 frozen food product and also the fuel between June and November.Carrie Simpson, mitigating on behalf of Mol said that Mol view towards it was that the food items would have gone to waste through defrosting, and as such, he had taken it as his own food.


The magistrates on their part viewed this as a serious breach of trust and adding to that was the fact that it has been going on and not a one-off offense. In the judgment, Mol was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community service and in addition, he would pay £85 in court cost and £1500 in compensation.

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